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Wear our 100% cotton "Beefy" t-shirt and make people think about how absurd it is to "own the earth"! $15.00. To order, click on the size you want:

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NEW! The Mason Gaffney Reader

Throughout his long and distinguished career, Mason Gaffney has worked to debunk the dismal tradeoffs of "conventional wisdom." Endorsed by Joseph Stiglitz, Donald Shoup, Peter Barnes and a long list of heavyweights in the field, the Reader summarizes Gaffney's voluminous research and scholarship. In 21 wide-ranging essays, edited for general readers, he shows how to solve many of society's seemingly "unsolvable" problems. In James Galbraith's words, the book is "a crisp cocktail of geography, history and economics, chilled by crackling-clear prose." Click to order:

Principles of Political Economy study guides. Supplementary readings for the Henry George Institute's acclaimed three-course series, featuring new graphics, essays and data. Pages are easily reproducible for classroom use. To order, please click the links below:

 Understanding Economics  - $8.00
 Applied Economics: Globalization and Trade  - $7.00
 Economic Science  - $7.00
 Save $2! Get all three at once  - $20.00

The Alodia Scrapbook
At the turn of the 21st century, Alodia was a struggling, debt-saddled, former French colony in West Africa. It had a large and growing population of AIDS victims; it had deepened its people's suffering in order to secure debt relief; its natural environment had been sorely wounded. However, Alodia differs in one significant respect from all the other nations in such straits: it is fictional. The Alodia Scrapbook tells the Alodia Story in news articles, interviews, photos and behind-the-scenes glimpses. (112 pages, The Henry George Institute, 2010) $9.95  Order a copy 

Progress and Poverty by Henry George. The all-time best seller on economic theory and reform. Two editions are available here: the brand new modernization/abridgment by Bob Drake (left, 320 pp. 2006, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation; our price: $10) -- Or Arther Madsen's 1952 abridgment, featuring a new introduction by Dr. Kris Feder. (right, 260 pages, RSF, 1998; our price: $8)  Order Drake abridgment          Order Madsen abridgment 

Or you may order the unabrigded edition of Progress and Poverty online,
at the Schalkenbach Foundation's website.

The Georgist Journal is a quarterly publication of news and commentary, distributed to members of the Henry George Institute and the Council of Georgist Organizations. Get a sample copy of the current issue for $3.00  Order a copy 

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Protection or Free Trade by Henry George. A timeless abridged edition of the book that was called the greatest defense of free trade ever written -- yet in which a pivotal chapter is called "The Inadequacy of the Free Trade Argument"! Can the natural human desire to trade ever be made to work for everyone's benefit? What is the true meaning of free trade? Afterword by Adele Wick. (170 pages, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 2008) $8.00  Order a copy 

The Science of Political Economy by Henry George. A brand new abridged edition of George's last book on political economy, "a reconstruction of its principles in clear and systematic form." New introduction by Harry Pollard, and afterword by Lindy Davies on George's continuing relevance. (284 pages, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 2004) $10.00  Order a copy 

The Land Question by Henry George. Viewpoint and Counterviewpoint on the need for land reform: Henry George's his famous essay on the Irish land question, and his incisive analysis of Pope Leo XIII's influential encyclical, Rerum Novarum (which is included). Newly redesigned and indexed. (328 pages, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 2008) $10.00  Order a copy 

New Life in Old Cities by Mason Gaffney. Are cities destined to decay in modern society? Here's how New York City managed to keep growing right through the Great Depression. Prof. Gaffney documents the positive effects of Single Tax-inspired urban policies in the early 20th century. Extensive bibliography. (52 pages, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 2007) $7.00  Order a copy 

The Great Crash of 2008 / How to Thaw Credit - Now and Permanently by Mason Gaffney. The signs of impending economic crisis were evident to those who knew where to look. Economist Mason Gaffney deciphers ther genesis of today's crisis, and explains how society can recover -- not by inflating another bubble, but by placing our financial system of a fair, sustainable foundation. Extensive bibliography. (28 pages, Henry George Institute, 2009) $5.00  Order a copy 

The HGI Lapel Pin is a snappy conversation-starter! This handsome cloisonné pin, bearing the Henry George Institute's logo, is the perfect way to signify your support. $5.00  Click to Order 

Biblical Economics by R. Archer Torrey III. The newly-designed 5th edition of Rev. Torrey's groundbreaking study of the Bible's economic laws and the history of their application. (64 pages, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 2005) $6.00  Order a copy 

A Word With You: Essays 1960-1994 by Robert Clancy. Incisive short pieces on a wide variety of topics by A master Georgist educator, founder of the Henry George Institute. Illustrated with the author's original drawings. (64 pages, The Henry George Institute, 2003) $7.00  Order a copy 

From Wasteland to Promised Land: Liberation Theology for a Post-Marxist World by Robert Andelson and James Dawsey. The groundbreaking analysis of the theological and biblical basis for a just and prosperous economic order, textbook for the Institute's course in Liberation Theology and Land Reform. (146 pages, Orbis Books, 1992) $10.00  Order a copy 

Antidote for Madness by Wylie Young. This profound, yet accessible book by a Methodist minister and land reform advocate is subtitled "What every high school student should know, but which very few of our best educated people either know or understand." (114 pages, Hickman Healing Foundation/RSF, 1976) $4.00  Order a copy 

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