Other Places to See the Cat

  • The Henry George Academy of Political Economy and Social Philosophy — How to raise wages! Make Housing Affordable! Establish True (win/win) Free Trade! Fund Government from Natural Opportunities!

  • The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation —Publishers of Henry George, and sponsors of research on the land question today.

  • Urban Tools — The Center for the Study of Economics focuses on solving today's "urban dilemmas" of sprawl and blight.

    "Seeing the Cat" has long been a slang term for achieving an understanding of Henry George's ideas. Where did this expression come from? Louis F. Post, in his book The Prophet of San Francisco, refers to a speech made by Judge James G. Maguire to New York's Anti-Poverty Society in the 1880s: "I was one day walking along Kearney Street in San Francisco when I noticed a crowd in front of a show window... I took a glance myself, but I saw only a poor picture of an uninteresting landscape. As I was turning away my eye caught these words underneath the picture: 'Do you see the cat?' ...I spoke to the crowd. "Gentlemen, I do not see a cat in the picture; is there a cat there?" Someone in the crowd replied, "Naw, there ain't no cat there. Here's a crank who says he sees a cat in it, but none of the rest of us can." Then the crank spoke up. "I tell you," he said, "there is a cat there. The picture is all cat. What you fellows take for a landscape is nothing more than a cat's outlines. And you needn't call a man a crank either because he can see more with his eyes than you can with yours."

    This story, and this picture, have lasted for many years. For the cat - like the role of land in the economy - is utterly unmistakeable, once it comes clear. Do you see the cat?

  • Ethical Economics — Thought-provoking books and much more from Great Britain's primier publisher on economic justice.

  • Common Ground USA — Organized action to achieve social justice and fight special privilege. Lower taxes to the ground!

  • The Council of Georgist Organizations — Host of the Annual North American Georgist Conference, and of an international directory of Georgist groups!

  • Saving Communities — A thought-provoking compendium of practical solutions for seemingly intractable local problems.

  • The Labour Land Campaign is going full tilt in the United Kingdom!

  • Wealth and Want — because democracy alone is not enough to produce widely shared prosperity.

  • The Science of Economics — By Dr. Fred Foldvary. One of the most lucid basic economics texts around — and it's free!

  • Prosper Australia — A wonderful Australian compendium on the history and practice of the Single Tax.

  • Earthsharing — We believe in a world where everyone has enough to eat, eveyone has a clean and safe environment, and everyone shares the value of earth's natural resources.

  • The Henry George School of Chicago says: NO! PLEASE DON'T CLICK HERE!

  • The School of Cooperative Individualism — a compendious online library on the Single Tax movement, the just society, and many, many more things. Spend a rainy week here!

  • Liberation Theology and Land Reform — Shall ye alone dwell upon the earth?

  • Federal CURE — Info-packed site of a nonprofit dedicated to reform of our Federal prison system.

  • Thomas — The legislative resources of the Library of Congress. All current bills before Congress. Searchable Text of the US Constitution. If you have a modem, you no longer have an excuse...

  • Human Rights Web — A wealth of online resources on this most vital of subjects.

  • The United Nations Human Settlements Program — Updates and links on the uphill struggle for decent housing worldwide.

  • World History Archives: Native Americans in the US — Comprehensive and authoritative historical materials, tribe by tribe.

  • Third Way: The Voice of the Radical Centre — Be reassured: you're not the only one thinking about this stuff.

  • Micro-Credit is a good idea — But it isn't the answer to widespread poverty. A provocative, well-annotated essay from Business Africa.

  • The Nine Planets — A multimedia tour of the local lands beyond our atmosphere, and a galaxy of astronomical resources on the web.

  • Rat Haus Reality — Koyaanisqatsi: "a state of life that calls for another way of living."

  • Adbusters — "Culture Jammers Headquarters." You could ask yourself...

  • The US Census Bureau Home Page — A treasure trove of research data for the downloading. 123 files, ascii files...lotsa stuff.

  • The Dismal Scientist — A page whose snazzy presentation belies its name. The Dismal Scientist has done a great deal of the work of gathering economic stats for our use. A very useful guide to the mainstream.

  • Resources for Economists on the Internet A comprehensive, searchable guide to all manner of economic resources on the net.

  • Confessions of a Bottom Feeder — A fount of wisdom on the many ways that you, too, can be stylin' poor!

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    ¡En Español!

    Comprender la Economía — Our entire online course in political economy

    Teología de la Liberación y Reforma Agraria — Complete translation of our online course.

    Instituto Henry George de Managua — Here is where to get involved in the movement to bring economic sanity to one nation!

    ICE: Institución de Capacitación Económica — Economic wisdom from a leading economist in Argentina