Education IS Activism:
Frontiers of Georgist Education in 1999

Conference Papers

Note: Feel free to download the papers for your own use. Permission to reprint must be sought from the individual authors. The HGI will facilitate inquiries for permission.

The Internet Means More Options and Opportunities, Not an Automatic Solution by Hanno Beck

Understanding Comes One Person at a Time by Sam Venturella

Reaching Out to "Greens" by Jeff Smith

The Georgist Philosophy in Culture and History by Pat Aller

What You Need to Know about Assessment.

Henry George and the Single Tax, by Bob DeNigris

Doing Georgist Education

The Joyful Noise of Economic Justice -- Keynote Address, by Lindy Davies

Added Bonus! (papers not presented at Arden, but worth a look!)

Prisoners: Continue to Reach Out, of Time to Leave Out? by Thomas M. Lyons. Thomas has been teaching for the HGI from prison since 1991.

Fairhope: A Sentimental Review by Dian Arnold. Dian, a "latecomer" to Fairhope in 1953, looks at the promise and reality of that experiment in application of Georgist policies. Although Fairhope and Arden have much in common, they have taken difference paths. Despite setbacks, Dian Arnold remains hopeful.

Opportunities for International Financial Centres in the 21st Century by Prof. Mason Gaffney. Note: Dr. Gaffney was unable to join us in Arden, due to his prior commitment to present this paper in the Bahamas.

The Greening of the California Desert by E. Robert Scrofani. This important paper details the rise and fall of Georgist water-rights policy in California.

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