Getting Started with Understanding Economics

Welcome to Understanding Economics! You've joined us in the middle, with the remedy. First, our course explores society's seemingly intractable economic problems, then looks at various proposed solutions. We think the full course is well worth yout time! Here's how to get started: Read this page, then click the link below. Then, click "register yourself" link to create an account.

Enter a unsername and a password for yourself. Confirm the password, and then enter the other required information. We'll need your mailing address to send you a certificate when you complete this first course!

Once you have logged in, you'll go to the home page, with links to the test for each of the ten lessons. Click on one of the lessons to start the test.

Make sure to bookmark our "Site Map" page, which has links to all the course readings, as well as the suggested readings for each lesson. You may work at your own pace, and in any order. However, we strongly recommend starting at the beginning! The course builds logically from basic priciples. Everything will make sense if you read the linked material and work through the course in sequence.

Optional books and study materials are available. They can be ordered here.