Understanding Economics

Lesson 10:The Law of Human Progress

Please read chapters 38 - 44.

1. How would a single tax on land values affect the complexity of government?           | Text |

2. If land values were the source of public revenue, how would pollution and energy use/conservation be affected?           | Supplement |

3. If land speculation were eliminated, would a market economy be forced to trade between periods of inflation and unemployment? Explain.           | Supplement |

4. Are different levels of civilization due more to differences which inhere in individuals or in society?           | Text |

5. What determines the amount of human mental power devoted to progress?           | Text |

6. What are the two essentials which together make up the Law of Human Progress?           | Text |

7. Are increasing inequities in society the necessary result of social growth?           | Text |

8. Does political equality alone ensure the equal distribution of economic opportunity? Explain.           | Text |

9. What is the meaning of liberty? Why does Henry George see this as the "central truth" of his analysis?           | Text |

10. Briefly summarize the most important points of the course. (30 pts.)