Seeking College Credit
for Principles of Political Economy

The Henry George Institute's three-course series is recommended for college credit by the National College Credit Recommendation Service. Students who complete Principles of Political Economy, and passs our proctored final exam, will receive an official transcript of work done with us.

This three-course series is recommended for college credit. Any actual credit will be granted by accredited instituions as transfer credit. However, reasonably-priced courses such as the HGI's can help students toward their goal of an affordable college education.


The first of our three courses, Understanding Economics, is free. Parts two and three, Applied Economics and Economic Science) each have a basic enrollment fee of $25. If you choose the tuition option, the fee is $250 for all three courses -- not for each course. The tuition fee may be paid at any time, but must be paid in order to take our proctored final exam and receive an official transcript. If you pay the $250 tuition fee upon completing Understanding Economics, we will waive the $25 enrollment fees for the second and third courses: a saving of $50 for the series. (Note: the tuition fee is not required in order to receive completion certificates for each course.)

Optional books and study materials are priced as shown for each course.