Lessons and Readings

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  1. The Basics: Economic Definitions
    What IS the Problem? Interactive Sorting Exercise Economic Definitions
  2. The Problem of Poverty: Are We Unable to Produce
    Enough for All?
    The "Iron Law of Wages" Poverty & Overpopulation
  3. Wealth Distribution: Who Decides?
    The Margin of Production The Law of Rent Capital, Interest and Profits
  4. The Dynamics of Wealth Distribution: Effects of Technology and Trade
    Mannahatta Seminar The Dynamics of Distribution The Unbounded Savannah
  5. What Keeps the Economy from Fulfilling Its Potential?
    The Dog in the Manger Effects of Expectation... Charting the Costs...
  6. Economics of Booms and Busts
    The Boom/Bust Cycle - Mechanics of the Cycle - Land Speculation & Inflation - Land Rent & Selling Price
  7. The Remedy; Its Justice
    The Rightful Basis of Property - Henry George's Remedy (parts 1 & 2)
  8. Fixing our Backwards Tax System
    Henry George's Remedy (parts 3-6)
  9. Envisioning a Just and Prosperous Society
    Henry George's Remedy (parts 7-10)
  10. The Law of Human Progress

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