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Who was Henry George?He was the most important American voice in political economy. During his lifetime, he became the third most famous man in the United States, behind Thomas Edison and Mark Twain. His supporters included Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and John Dewey, to name a few. Here's our Henry George quote of the day, and here is more on George's life and work.

Real origin of the Monopoly gameDid you know that the game of Monopoly was originally invented as a teaching tool to help get across Henry George's economic principles? Here's an article on the history of The Landlord's Game, patented in 1904, which, under its new name — Monopoly — became the world's most popular board game!

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No time to take a whole course?
If you've got half an hour (28 minutes, to be exact), here's an online seminar that will let you understand all of political economy's most basic issues.

Don't procrastinate, or be intimidated — You can grasp these important economic ideas!

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Now this course is even easier! Its main concepts are explained in a series of 16 short videos.
The Understanding Economics video series!

Want affordable housing? Don't blame the cost of bricks, or lumber -- or labor.
Look to the land!

We received a message - possibly inspired by the 2016 US presidential race.
A letter from Gaia.

Econ 101's family tree of economics leaves out an entire, vitally important limb.
Why Henry George? Why this course?

"Perfect competition," according to Econ 101, doesn’t actually happen; it is merely an abstract notion used to illustrate points. Oh yeah? Tell that to basic laborers.
Labor and Competition

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