Who was Henry George?During his lifetime, he became the third most famous man in the United States, behind Thomas Edison and Mark Twain. His supporters included Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and John Dewey, to name a few. Here's our Henry George quote of the day, and here is more on George's life and work.

Real origin of the Monopoly gameDid you know that the game of Monopoly was originally invented as a teaching tool to help get across Henry George's economic principles? Here's an article on the history of The Landlord's Game, patented in 1904, which, under its new name Monopoly became the world's most popular board game!

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Today's finest debunker of the dismal "conventional wisdom" offers 20 essays on solving our "unsolvable" economic problems. Joesph Stiglitz writes, "This wonderful set of essays, written over a long and productive scholarly career, should be compulsory reading.... Gaffney offers plausible solutions to problems of urban renewal and finance, environmental protection, the cycle of boom and bust, and conflict generated by rent-seeking multinational corporations.
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Geoist News and Views

Does Our Economic Reform Advocacy lack passion? Forget about real people's lives? It shouldn't.
Pure Geoism

All Taxes Come Out of Rents (Anyway)? Really? Well, then, rents are the best basis for taxation, aren't they?
All Taxes Come Out of Rents

The value of New York City's land is over three times what the city says it is, according to a new study
Harnessing Economic Rent in NYC

India's Real Estate Boom is distorting the economy in many ways, and the bubble might burst!
The Case for a Land Value Tax

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